Fully Equipped

Our bodyshop is fully equipped to meet manufacturers' standards and quality controls. We invest in the latest technology including specialist alignment jigs to ensure perfect structural alignment for chassis strength and 100% steering accuracy, Inverta spot welding equipment for the new different strength metals produced by each franchise of vehicle, and low bake spray ovens to operate in a dust free atmosphere, complying with all environmental legislation.

Today’s vehicles require an ongoing commitment deploying the latest technology, alongside Thatcham manufacturer data. With new models appearing all the time this is something that cannot be taken lightly, as we are constantly challenged with alloy metals and new material technology, which means we have to take repair techniques very seriously indeed.

With our fully trained engineers in all areas of bodywork, panel work and paint spraying we offer the highest quality of repair to your vehicle.


The UK’s First Eco Spraybooth

Traditionally spraybooths in the bodyshop industry have used gas or oil burners to generate heat in the paint refinishing process. However there has now been a giant leap in carbon efficiency with the development of CADIF IRDHT (Infra Red High Temperature Drying) technology. The Spray Booth at Atherstone Accident Repair is a Dalby Genesis booth but with no gas powered heating plant - it's the first to be installed in the UK with the CADIF IRDHT system. It has the usual air extraction system however 75% of the air is filtered and re-circulated.

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